DSN.Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture defines everything we do. We, the DSN team, strive to:

  • understand the causes of existing conditions,
  • develop sustainable solutions for our clients on this basis, and so
  • help to shape a better future.

We recognise the opportunities that partnership-based cooperation can offer. We harness the strengths of different kinds of partners in cooperation for the benefit of all. We take responsibility for our actions and – in a dialogue of trust – lead our projects professionally towards acceptance and success.

DSN.Guiding Principles

We implement the following guiding principles in our projects with all our clients. These are the central points of reference for developing the skills of the DSN team.

Focusing on clients
We tailor the skills and services offered to best benefit our clients. We fulfil all agreed performance requirements completely. We aim not only to satisfy our clients but to inspire them.

Steering projects
DSN is a project-based company. All our activities are managed in a targeted and efficient manner in projects following the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act). We promote professional communication and obtain feedback.

Taking responsibility
We take full responsibility for the aims, tasks and results of our projects both in terms of management and implementation.

Managing conflict
We communicate personal disagreement between colleagues, clients and stakeholders immediately and constructively. Should a conflict emerge, we use it as an opportunity to establish common ground, forge mutual understanding and promote acceptance, as a means to achieving solutions.

Economic success
Our work contributes to the economic success of DSN. We manage our resources in a responsible and informed manner.

Learning and improving
We make use of every opportunity to share experiences between colleagues within the company. Mistakes are seen as learning opportunities, which will improve our future competence and performance.

Working together
Our work is characterised by partnership and respect. We focus on team performance. Our collaboration is based on mutual trust, honesty, team spirit, commitment and solidarity. Information is the key.