Great challenges require ideas, expertise and the commitment of many experts. We support people, organisations and regions in connecting knowledge and shaping the future cooperatively. Our services cover all stages of cooperation – from the strategic analysis, planning and management to the evaluation of results and success.

The Transformation

Today, fewer businesses, public institutions and regions possess sufficient levels of knowledge and capital necessary for innovations. Required changes are therefore increasingly developed in cooperation with equal partners. Traditional hierarchical structures are hereby slowly losing significance and are being increasingly replaced by horizontal and dynamic cooperation structures.



The development and control of these new structures to the benefit of all partners is a significant challenge and is often why cooperations fail. More often than not, the integration of varying goals, resources, competencies and working cultures on a partnership-orientated basis is not successful.

Our Services

In order to make cooperations more successful we provide our clients with an integrated and modular range of services – from planning and management activities to the evaluation of cooperations.
We continuously support our clients in recognising relevant changes, formulating strategic goals in tandem with partners and in implementing necessary innovations in network projects.

Our Competencies

For this we offer vital skills and competencies for successful dialogues and communication, analyses and strategies, as well as for the management of networks.

What makes our company stand out:

  • Our analyses of the interdependent causes of change in economic, technological and social fields           
  • Our understanding of the individual positions of policy, industry and science.

  • Our ability to design and manage demanding cooperative processes in a targeted manner – from the initial idea, through structured planning, right up to the living project.



  • Our experience in project management, both within our own company and for our clients.

  • Our colleagues, who stand out for their personality, social skills, professionalism, responsibility and shared values.

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