Innovative projects live through cooperation! - We bring your ooperation to success.

No matter whether you have a rough project idea, need help in the organisational jungle or are looking for suitable project partners. We are equipped for that:

  • network: Our regional network links project partners and connects knowledge.
  • advice: We offer exchange and advice on all questions of project development and management.
  • structure: We develop structures in complex and confusing situations and projects.
  • competence: The interdisciplinary DSN team solves tasks and requirements holistically.

We develop and manage innovative cooperation projects and networks.

Innovations need ideas, competencies and the commitment of many experts. We facilitate cooperation between people, organisations and regions to link knowledge and to shape the future in partnership. Our services cover all phases of cooperation – from strategic analysis to the development of project ideas, application for funding, project management and evaluation of impact and success.
Because we are convinced that together we can create: innovation through cooperation!

The challenge

Rarely do have companies, public institutions and regions alone the necessary knowledge, resources and capital for innovation. Necessary changes are therefore often developed in cooperation between equal partners. The cooperation is agile and adapts dynamically to the project requirements.

Many cooperations fail to develop and manage suitable structures for the benefit of all partners. It is often not possible to integrate the diversity of goals, resources, competences and working cultures in a spirit of partnership. DSN designs precisely these processes in a trusting and collaborative manner with all partners.

Our offer

In order to make cooperations more successful, we offer our clients an integrated modular range of services: from the idea to structured planning to the actual project that achieves the common goals.

We support and relieve our clients by taking over administrative and management tasks, thus enabling projects and offering the security that they will be professionally implemented and successfully carried to the end.
In doing so, we constructively question our clients and their approaches in order to achieve the best result and manage conflicts in a proactively and goal-oriented manner.

Our competences

  • Versatility in terms of clients, projects and competences in the team
  • Regional competence in northern Germany and the Baltic Sea region
  • Structured and secure knowledge, that has grown over the years
  • Understanding of the individually viewpoints of politics, economics and science
  • Work in processes
  • Employees who distinguish themselves through creativity, target and customer orientation, professionalism, a high level of commitment, as well as diverse skills and a sense of responsibility

A high level of satisfaction is important to us –both that of our customers and that of our employees. That´s why we regularly check both and adapt accordingly processes and behaviour.