Quality and Knowledge Management

In order to meet the requirements of our clients, we run a quality management system (QMS) and are certified according to DIN ISO EN 9001:2015. Already in 2012 DSN was awarded for its excellent knowledge management.

We provide high quality services that are precisely adapted to the needs of our customers. For this purpose, we have developed processes and standards that we constantly review and improve based on feedback from our customers as well as our own ongoing measurement and analysis of quality.

Knowledge and quality management are main parts of our daily work. Efficient knowledge management ensures that knowledge is shared and further developed in our project-based company.

Our tools for implementation are:

  • Company-owned Wiki with DSN knowledge on projects, processes and tools.
  • Digital quality management manual (part of DSN.Wiki)
    Digital project management manual to improve PM skills (also part of DSN.Wiki)
  • Internet-based platforms like SharePoints for the internal organization and for the projects as a service for our customers
  • Daily Scrum and breakfast fridays for daily exchange and internal improvement.

The key to our quality and knowledge management are all members in the DSN team: their openness, motivation and competencies as well as their willingness to take responsibility and to constantly improve their performance. We cultivate this culture of learning and improving.