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In recent years, innovation within power electronics has become an increasingly important driver of growth in the Danish-German border region. Sustainable energy, motor control and electric mobility – power electronics plays a key role in applications like these.

The Danish-German border region has a unique position within power electronics: Many of the Danish and German companies that work with power electronics are located in the Region of Southern Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein. The power electronics industry in the area is multi-faceted, growth-oriented and concentrated in a limited geographical area. This means that there are positive opportunities to create partnerships between the players and to exploit existing synergies in the border region. Exploitation of the synergies demands that the companies in the border region have access to the latest knowledge within the power electronics field.

On this background, Epinion and DSN carry out a needs assessment for the need of a new research and knowledge centre in the region. Therefore interviews with representatives of companies and with representatives of research and scientific institutions in Southern Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein related to power electronics will be conducted. The interviews aims to determine the volume and demands for research in the field of power electronics. DSN will carry out the interviews on the German side. The collected results will then be systematised and presented in a result report. 

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