BONEBANK - Cross-border biobank and innovation platform for bone stem cells

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Currently, routine bone marrow operations and bone fragments containing valuable stem cells are discarded as waste. The potential of these stem cells lies primarily in their use for regenerative therapies, such as in the treatment of bone fractures.

In the German-Danish project BONEBANK, experts worked to develop a unique value chain in the region on the basis of a new process: from the innovative harvesting of bone stem cells to their storage in a cross-border biobank and utilisation by regional research institutions and companies.
Five (later six) partner organisations from Germany and Denmark worked together on BONEBANK. The project was funded by the Interreg 5A programme Deutschland-Danmark. In total, the project had a duration of 4.5 years and a total budget of over 3.9 million euros.

DSN supported the lead partner in developing the application and was in charge of project and financial management as well as project communication.

Fact Sheet

  • Client
  • Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Lübeck
  • Tasks DSN
  • Project and financial management, project communication
  • Year
  • 2015 bis 2020
  • Funding programme
  • Interreg Deutschland-Danmark
  • Project budget
  • 3,9 Mio. Euro
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