Eine Frau und ein Mann arbeiten konzentriert in einem medizinischen Labor

The land of Schleswig-Holstein operates the qualified personnel initiative "Zukunft im Norden" (FI.SH). The aim of this initiative is to develop and secure the supply of qualified personnel. Relevant actors involved in FI.SH are: economic associations, chambers, trade unions, universities, the municipal top associations and the Federal Agency for Labor.


Together they have developed fields of action and thematic issues. DSN has been commissioned to organise specialised workshops on tourism, care and digitalisation as well as meetings for the fields of action.

Fact Sheet

  • Client
  • Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit, Verkehr und Technologie des Landes Schleswig-Holstein
  • Tasks DSN
  • Workshops
  • Year
  • 2016 bis 2017
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