Development of an international cross-border study course "Medical Microtechnology (Master of Science)"

To develop a study programme in only three years, to accredit it, to accept students and to evaluate the first results of the study programme? This is what the Technical University, the University of Luebeck and the University of Southern Denmark have set themselves. The idea: Existing study modules of the participating universities will be used and newly combined for the master's course "Medical Micro Technology".

In Luebeck, the competence centre of medical technology TANDEM is the sponsor of the new joint course. In Sønderburg, the Mads Clausen Institute offers corresponding seminars.
With the support of clinics and medical device manufacturers from northern Germany and southern Denmark, the course will train qualified young professionals and develop synergies for medical technology.

The project is funded by the EU programme Interreg Germany-Danmark. The three universities will work together for 36 months and have a total budget of around 1.2 million euros.

DSN supported the application and is responsible for project and financial management as well as for the project communication.

Fact Sheet

  • Client
  • Technische Hochschule Lübeck
  • Tasks DSN
  • Project and financial management, project communication
  • Year
  • 2020 bis 2023
  • Funding programme
  • Interreg Deutschland-Danmark
  • Project budget
  • 1,2 Mio Euro
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