Statistical analysis of the future industries in Kiel

A data-based analysis was conducted of the following four future industries in Kiel: the digital economy and creative industry, regenerative energies, the health industry as well as the manufacturing industry. The purpose of the analysis was to investigate the following questions:

  • To what extent are the future industries (also in a state and national comparison) located in the capital city Kiel?
  • How have they developed in previous years?
  • Which main areas of focus can be identified within the future industries?

In parallel to the identification of mega- and sector-specific trends, which the future industries are subject to, recommendations have been derived for Kieler Wirtschaftsförderungs- und
Strukturentwicklungs GmbH and its committees.
Along with this analysis, a valid database regarding the future industries in Kiel was presented for the first time.

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  • Client
  • Kieler Wirtschaftsf√∂rderungs- und Strukturentwicklungs GmbH
  • Tasks DSN
  • Desk-Research
  • Year
  • 2016
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