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Innovations are seen as a guarantee for economic development, progress and securing the future. At the same time, the understanding of the term has continuously expanded: Innovations can also be understood as social or process-related transformations, not just as technological progress. Kiel has defined this understanding as the benchmark for the municipal innovation strategy to be developed.
Together with the state capital and the Institute for Innovation and Technology Berlin, DSN is developing an innovation strategy. Based on qualitative and quantitative data collection, it shows the potential for different forms of innovation in the city area in order to derive concrete measures and responsibilities. In addition to the proven analysis and consulting methods, new investigation and participation instruments with a prospective character were also used.

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  • Client
  • Referat für Wirtschaft, Landeshauptstadt Kiel
  • Tasks DSN
  • Location, stakeholder and potential analyses, action and implementation planning, cooperation management as well as evaluation of an iCapital application
  • Year
  • 2022
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