HEROES – Citizen Focused Disaster Strategies

Due to climate change, local and regional hazards and disasters are increasing. They are increasing on intensity and becoming more and more difficult to predict. A paradigm shift in disaster preparedness is needed to respond to this in disaster management. Comprehensive, strategically coordinated approaches to societal resilience and strengthening community ties are needed. Resilience is the ability of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses and systems within a city or region to survive, adapt and thrive regardless of the type of hazard they face.

The project "HEROES - Citizen-Oriented Disaster Strategies" aims to bring together formal (e.g. public administrations, emergency services) and informal actors (e.g. citizens*, communities, businesses) to empower people and communities to act independently and spontaneously as volunteers together with emergency services in the event of a disaster or crisis-related emergency.

The project involves 18 partner organisations: Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland and Ukraine.

DSN coordinated and accompanied the application on behalf of the City of Hamburg and finally submitted the application with the City of Hamburg.

Fact Sheet

  • Client
  • Stadt Hamburg - Senatskanzlei
  • Tasks DSN
  • Steering and conception of the application phase as well as development of a funding application
  • Year
  • 2022
  • Funding programme
  • Horizont Europa
  • Project budget
  • 5.300.000 Euro
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Daniel Klose

Tel. +49 431 99 69 66-40

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