Algae as food

Reducing CO2 emissions, reducing the consumption of animal-based foods and providing the population with sustainable and healthy alternatives to animal-based foods are currently considered urgent challenges. The use of algae as food can make an important contribution to meeting these challenges. Algae provides important nutrients, have a high CO2-binding capacity and do not require irrigation, fertilisers or cultivation areas. As the German-Danish border region has a large amount of algae biomass, its use as food could represent a cultural and economic added value for the region. The overall aim of the project is to put scientific knowledge into practice in order to establish algae in the regional food culture as part of a healthy and sustainable diet.

The tasks in the project are:

  1. research the health benefits of algae as a food;
  2. create tasty algae products and dishes;
  3. disseminate the findings via educational programmes; and
  4. develop an exemplary business concept along the algae as food value chain.

DSN developed the idea and drew up the application with the project partners. The application was approved in the Germany-Danmark Interreg programme in summer 2023.

Fact Sheet

  • Client
  • Tasks DSN
  • Idea and application development
  • Year
  • 2022 bis 2023
  • Funding programme
  • Interreg Deutschland-Danmark
  • Project budget
  • 1,9 Mio. Euro
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