Evaluation of the communication activities of the Interreg 4A-programme Southern Denmark-Schleswig-K.E.R.N.

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For the Interreg 4A programme Süddänemark-Schleswig-K.E.R.N., a communication plan has been drawn up with the aim of raising awareness of the programme in the INTERREG region, informing potential applicants about the possibilities of applying for and receiving funding for cooperation projects across the German-Danish border, and supporting funding recipients in implementing such cooperation projects. This communication plan has been evaluated by decision of the INTERREG Committee. The evaluation was carried out in four individual steps:

  • Inventory of the target groups in the programme area
  • Qualitative interviews to determine the target groups' knowledge of the programme
  • Analysis of the presence of the Interreg 4A programme in the press
  • Cost-benefit analysis of the means used for the communication task

The evaluation was completed in April 2011. The evaluation was commissioned to Advance/1 from Denmark together with the consortium partners Epinion (also Denmark) and DSN. DSN prepared an overview of potential participants in the INTERRG 4A programme Süddänemark-Schleswig-K.E.R.N. on the German side.

Fact Sheet

  • Client
  • Region Syddanmark
  • Tasks DSN
  • Research on potential German participants in the Interreg 4A-programme Southern Denmark-Schleswig-K.E.R.N.
  • Year
  • 2010 bis 2011
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