Health care management in Schleswig-Holstein – Potentials and opportunities from an economic point of view

The health economy will be one of the "new big markets of the 21st century", as human health will increasingly come to the fore as an economic factor. So says Leo A. Nefiodow one of the leading international experts. Against this background, the aim of the study was to develop an economic policy agenda for the development of the health economy in Schleswig-Holstein. For this purpose, DSN for the first time took a comprehensive look at the entire health care industry in Schleswig-Holstein. Both the industrial sector, from medical technology to the food industry to biotechnology, and the various services, from preventive care to nursing care to the latest trends such as wellness, were included in the study. In detail:

  • Comprehensive analysis of all sub-sectors (situation in Schleswig-Holstein as well as national and worldwide trends).
  • Written and oral interviews with experts from all sectors of the Schleswig-Holstein health care industr
  • Presentation of the economic sector as well as an assessment of the development conditions in Schleswig-Holstein

The findings were incorporated into a master plan for Schleswig-Holstein, which shows the ways to further develop Schleswig-Holstein's health economy.

Fact Sheet

  • Client
  • Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit, Verkehr und Technologie des Landes Schleswig-Holstein
  • Tasks DSN
  • Expert interviews, potential analysis
  • Year
  • 2000
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