Intersectional Management in Health Care

Vier Personen stehen versetzt hintereinander. Sie tragen medizinisches Equipment und lächeln in die Kamera.

Due to demographic change with an increasing number of older people and increasing life expectancy, a continuous expansion of the market for nursing and care services is emerging.

In 2004, the project started "Intersectional Management in Health Care" (IMHC), in which the participating universities built up an internet based training programme in the field of nursing management. The aim was to develop a part-time academic training programme for managers in health care. The concept of online-based learning allows - coming in particular from the field of nursing - students, study and work independent of location and time together.

The project ran from 2004 to 2007. It was funded by the European Social Fund with a total of 1.17 million euros and had a total volume of 2.6 million euros. The online courses are still available.

DSN had accompanied the application of the project successfully and was in charge of the project and financial management as well as project communication.

Fact Sheet

  • Client
  • Fachhochschule Lübeck
  • Tasks DSN
  • Application, project and financial management, project communication
  • Year
  • 2004 bis 2007
  • Funding programme
  • ESF
  • Project budget
  • 2,6 Mio. Euro
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