Health in Schleswig-Holstein – Yearbook 2010/2011

Titelblatt Jahrbuch Gesundheitsland Schleswig-Holstein 2010

The changes in the health system do not stop at Schleswig-Holstein. They are both a challenge and an opportunity and affect all levels equally: Structures and processes, professions and training, technologies and methods - and last but not least the financing of all this. The players in health care provision and the health economy are just as affected by this as the users of their services. For them, entire job profiles are changing and, time and again, the framework conditions and the structures of their professional practice. In Schleswig-Holstein, the topic has long been on the agenda. What this looks like can be read in the "Gesundheitsland Schleswig-Holstein - Jahrbuch 2010/2011". For the fourth time, the Ministry of Health invited stakeholders from the state to present their projects and initiatives. The focus of the issue was "Vocation Health". Among other things, the following questions were addressed:

  • How are work, occupational and training images changing?
  • What qualifications are needed?
  • Care structures also have to go new ways - which ones?
  • How can quality be assured?

DSN was responsible for the conception and editing.

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  • Ministerium für Soziales, Gesundheit, Familie, Jugend und Senioren des Landes Schleswig-Holstein
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