Future Ocean

Studie von DSN: Zukunft Meer

For Schleswig-Holstein the sea plays traditionally a major role. Surrounded by the eastern and northern sea with a coastline of 1.200 kilometres the sea supplies beside a high quality of living an important  economic factor for Schleswig-Holstein. For better taking advantage of this potential in the maritime sector the state government wants to intesify the co-operation between the maritime competences of the private sector and the science and develop Schleswig-Holstein to an european model region. The backround for this are the objectives of economic policy to retain employments and create new sustainable ones. In december 2003 the state chancellery of Schleswig-Holstein engaged DSN to examine the theme "Future Ocean" in a study. After four month of preparation time the study shows on about 400 pages maritime facts and data for Schleswig-Holstein, shows strategy areas and provides 34 project proposals. It is the first overview of the variety of the sea related activities in Schleswig-Holstein and build thus the first step for the perception of the ocean as an important and a complex living and economic area.

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  • Client
  • Land Schleswig-Holstein
  • Tasks DSN
  • Development, concept and realisation
  • Year
  • 2003 bis 2004
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