Sustainable Schleswig-Holstein – Consequences of the demographic change

Broschüre DSN: Zukunftsfähiges Schleswig-Holstein

In December 2003 the state chancellery of Schleswig-Holstein engaged DSN to compile a study regarding to the demographic development in Schleswig-Holstein. In a period of six months DSN realized a regional differentiated analysis of the demographic change in Schleswig-Holstein and developed based on the correspondant results actions and projects in the following four themw areas: Labour and economy, lifelong lerning, infrastructure and living environment, social life. There were made recommedations to intesify the the demographic orientation in the state policy. The compilation of the study included beside the collection nation and international informations a written survey which included over 200 persons and 15 expert interviews which served to reflect the preliminary results. In subject specific questions the autors were supported by a variety of different ministry staff and staff from the state chancellery. With the provided study the state government of Schleswig-Holstein gets a solid base for a discussion and  for decicion making to react to the challenges of the population development in the state. The study also presents activity possibilities on state level.

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  • Client
  • Land Schleswig-Holstein
  • Tasks DSN
  • Development, concept and realisation
  • Year
  • 2003 bis 2004
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