BONEBANK - Cross-border biobank and innovation platform for bone stem cells

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Stem cells are in the focal point of clinical research and application. The use of regenerative stem cell therapies, for instance for bone regeneration or to treat cancer, has the potential for growth. As an alternative to the previously practiced bone marrow donations the company Stryker Trauma has developed a new process for the recovery of these bone stem cells.

Based on this new process, experts of the German-Danish Interreg project BONEBANK are working on the development of a unique value chain for the region: from the innovative extraction of bone stem cells and their storage in a cross-border biobank to the utilization through regional research institutions and companies.

BONEBANK has five partner organisations from Germany and Denmark working together, with two more to join in 2019. The project is funded under the Interreg 5A programme. After a project extension in July 2018, the project has a total duration of 4.5 years and a total budget of over EUR 3.9 million.

 DSN is in charge of the project and financial management as well as for the communication of the project. Additionally, DSN has supported the lead partner to submit the project extension application.

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Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Lübeck

Tasks DSN

Project and financial management, project communication


2015 to 2020

Funding programme

Interreg Deutschland-Danmark

Project budget

3,9 Mio. Euro

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"I would like to thank you for your support and all your help in Technet_nano project. I have participated in many European project so far and this is the first time when management is on that high level as DSN’s."
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