FucoSan – Health from the sea

Subject of the project “FucoSan” partners’ study was the bioactive substances of brown algae and their properties. Results to date showed for example the so-called fucoidan as potentially preventive against age-related retinal diseases. How are the substances best obtained, characterised and utilised? A central measure is the development of a database, which will comprise of descriptions of up to 60 substances.

The partners had additionally developing long-term organisation and business models to continue activities beyond the project term. 

The programme Interreg Deutschland-Danmark funded the project. Eight partner organisations from Germany and Denmark had been working together for a duration of 36 months and with a total budget of about EUR 3.8 million of which EUR 2.2 million are subsidies.

DSN supported the application process and was responsible for the project and financial management as well as for the communication of the project.

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2017 to 2020

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Interreg Deutschland-Danmark

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"I would like to thank you for your support and all your help in Technet_nano project. I have participated in many European project so far and this is the first time when management is on that high level as DSN’s."
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