Ongoing evaluation of the Interreg4A programme Fehmarnbelt region 2007-2013

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With regard to the new EU-Funding period 2007-2013 the Development Society Ostholstein as the german part of the common Interreg-Secretariat for the Fehmarnbelt-Region had engaged DSN and their danish co-operation partners Epinion A/S and Advance/1 to evaluate the future Interreg IV A-Programme. The prime objective of the evaluation was to increase the quality, efficiency and coherence of the fundings'  Interventions and to improve the implementation of the operational programme (Interreg IV A). The impact of the programme had to be evaluated in the face of strategic objectives of the European Union and of the specific structural problems of the concerned member countries and regions cosidering the requirements of a sustainable development.

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Socioeconomic analysis, SWOT analysis, recommendation for action, workshops


2010 to 2011

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"I would like to thank you for your support and all your help in Technet_nano project. I have participated in many European project so far and this is the first time when management is on that high level as DSN’s."
Bartlomiej Plonka, Silesian Science and Technology Centre of Aviation Industry Ltd., Polen