Health in Schleswig-Holstein – Yearbook 2012/2013

The health state of Schleswig-Holstein is on the move. Health actors work closely together, across sector boundaries, develop patient pathways and provide ‘All-round, Assistance and Escort Service’. Mobile physicians provide universal access to health care. Telemedicine makes long distances and long wait superfluous. System partners offer innovative solutions from medical technology to supply and change management. Patients get information on the Internet and want to be involved - who can help them?Mobility has many advantages, but it provides challenges:

For flexibility and mobility corresponding processes, procedures and infrastructure must be created. If work processes and procedures change, people must change, too - patients and staff. If new areas of work and career paths arise, training must be adapted or created. If data flows, secure data transfer must be guaranteed. In ‘health state of Schleswig-Holstein – yearbook 2012/2013’ You can read, how health actors in Schleswig-Holstein ‘mobilise’ to provide medical care for the population. For the sixth time the Ministry of Health presented projects and initiatives. The title of the issue was ‘Mobile Health’.The following main points were discussed:

  • Nationwide mobile services and mobile patients in the centres?
  • Telemedicine and health apps - who filters the information?
  • Intersectoral treatment – finally on a daily basis?
  • Patient information from the Internet - blessing or curse?
  • Data protection – basis of trust or brake on innovation?
  • Networking and mobility - and yet liability and safety?
  • Movement means change – participation of patients and staff!

DSN was responsible for the concept and editing.


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