Regional development strategy for the marine biotechnology in Schleswig-Holstein

Poster: Marine Biotechnologie Schleswig-Holstein

Marine biotechnology is the application of scientific and technical methods for processing of materials from the marine biology.

On the basis of marine biological organisms the biotechnological knowledge is extended and products and services are produced.The global market for products of marine biotechnology is estimated at 2.8 billion euros.  The cumulative growth rates are calculated conservatively with four to five percent annually. Other estimates speak of ten to twelve percent per year. The marine biotechnology as a whole holds great potential for the future. The aim is to strengthen this technology which is the key for strengthening and positioning economy and research in Schleswig-Holstein.

DSN has developed a regional strategy in the form of a master plan and a strategic controlling for subsequent implementation.

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Strategy development, master plan, interviews, integration of relevant actors, development of strategic controlling for later realisation


2011 to 2012

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"I would like to thank you for your support and all your help in Technet_nano project. I have participated in many European project so far and this is the first time when management is on that high level as DSN’s."
Bartlomiej Plonka, Silesian Science and Technology Centre of Aviation Industry Ltd., Polen