Master plan for the cluster 'foodRegio' in Northern Germany

Plakat: Masterplan foodRegio 2015

An increased competition and a changing demand structure are just some of the new challenges which the food industry is facing in northern Germany. Processes of change require, particular for networks in the industry, new strategies and innovative solutions. Based on this conviction, the actors of the foodRegio branch network of the food industry have decided to formulate a targeted strategy for the development by 2015. The network actors keep records of their common goals and define implementation-oriented measures to achieve these objectives with the master plan foodRegio 2015.

DSN has compiled together with the Institute for Innovation and Technology in the VDI/VDE IT, Berlin, a development strategy for the industry network, identified fields of action, formulated recommendations for action and organised accompanying project workshops.

In January 2014, the Federal Ministry of Economics has honored foodRegio with the award "Top 5 of the innovative and efficient regions in Germany".

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