Ongoing evaluation of the North Sea Region Programme 2007-2013

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The evaluation of the North Sea Region as part of the INTERREG IVB programme assumes a key role in understanding the strengths and weaknesses in the current funding programme 2007-2013. It is all about, to evaluate the existing strategy, the management as well as the implementation of the programme. Meaningful changes to improve the quality and relevance of the programme activities were also formulated in the form of recommendations for action.

The following themes were evaluated in the different stages of the programme implementation:

  • Finance management and control structures
  • Programme structures
  • Application process and project development
  • Involvement in the programme of

    • private and public partners
    • external and internal project management

  • Transnational cooperation
  • Sustainability of the project results (legacy)
  • Communication and visibilty of the programme

During the evaluation, they followed the approach which impacts takes place on the programme level and these impacts get influenced by the quality and effectivesness of funded projects. This new understanding not only defines stakeholders as the European Commission and regional governments as key customers of the programme management but in particular, the projects themselves.

The results of the evaluation have influenced not only the programme in the period 2007-2013, but also in the following period 2014-2020.

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